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Note: Change Of Name As from January 2008, Medicare Technology became Drive Medical Ltd.
This does not affect any warranty conditions or spare part availability.
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Flash Codes Quick Reference
Endres by Drive /Linido
Enigma Steel Wheelchair
travel Chair and LAWC
XS Aluminium Wheelchair
Enigma Energi Powerchair
Mambo Powerchair Range
Mercury Scooter Range
Prism and Neo Scooter Range
Monami and Rio Ranges
Discontinued Products
PowerStroll and Easibrake Ranges
Wheeled Walker Ranges
Restwell Swivel Relaxer & Massage Chairs
Restwell Rise Recline Armchairs
Bathroom Products and Daily Living Aids
Spare Part Code Structure

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Our address is: Ainley's Industrial Estate, Elland, West Yorkshire HX5 9JP. Tel: +44 (0) 1422 314488 Fax: +44 (0) 1422 314489

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General Information

All documents are in Adobe Acrobat format. Click on the hyperlinks below to open. To save the documents to disk, right click on the hyperlink and click on "Save target as..." Click the icon below to install Adobe Acrobat Reader:

All Manuals are in English unless otherwise stated. For an explanation of spares order codes, please see below.

Please report any errors or omissions to If the issue is spare parts related please put "Spares Update" in the email subject field.

Accessories Compatibility Lists
Wheelchair Accessories Compatibility List (595kb)
Scooter Accessories Compatibility List(615kb)
Wheelchair and Scooter Recommended Servicing Items(50kb)

Parts Price List

For Drive Medical Dealer Use Only: This contains trade and retail prices for commonly used spare parts. Contact Drive Medical on 01422 314488 to obtain your password.

Parts Price List (PDF)100kb (password protected)

Technical training Course NotesFor Drive Medical Dealer Use Only: This is an printable PDF of the Notes given to all attendees of the Technical training Courses run by Drive Medical as a free of charge service to their dealers. It features information about essential maintenance, fault recognition, repair and programming for Drive Medical scooters and powerchairs.The file is password protected, and the password will only be given to people who have attended the course. Contact Drive Medical on 01422 314488 to either obtain your password or to enrol on a Course.

Technical training Course Notes (PDF) (4mb) (password protected)

Flash Codes Quick Reference Flash codes help identify any problems with powered products. Below are quick reference guides for controllers fitted to Drive UK scooters and powerchairs:
Scooter Controllers: Curtis 1223 (GT)
Curtis 1228 (older Mercury)
Dynamics Rhino (newer Mercury)Dynamics DS70 (travelease)
PG S-Drive (Rio and Monami)
CTE Controller(Neo 4 & 6 / Regatta 6)
Powerchair Controllers: Dynamics DL (older Energi)
Dynamics Shark (new Energi)
PG Drives VSI (Mambo)
PG Drives VR2 (Mambo Micro / Energi+)
Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletins contain updated information for the safe operation and maintenance of Drive UK (formerly Medicare Technology) Products. Click on the hyperlinks below to view the relevant bulletin.

Energi Powerchair Castors(159kb)
Lap Belt Instructions (422kb)
Endres By Drive Please note - New Address:
Endres by Drive
Ainley's Industrial Estate
West Yorkshire
Tel: +44 1422 314488

User Manuals / Spare Parts Lists


Please visit the links below to visit our partner Linido.Linido, based in The Netherlands, is a manufacturer of safety products for use in bath, shower and toilet areas. With 70 years of experience, Linido is a well-known specialist in this field, throughout the world.
CAD Service (for architects, specifiers, etc)

Enigma Steel Wheelchair Range

User Manuals
Z10999 (Rev F) - User Manual (for steel Enigma Wheelchair range except SSP22)
Z10999 (Rev F) Enigma Manual De Usuario(español) (609kb)
Z10996 (Rev C) - User Manual (for SSP22) (600kb)
Z11999 - Budget Steel Wheelchair User Manual (CS1142SP/CS1142T) (336kb)
ZHEADREST - Wheelchair Headrest Instructions (286kb)

Spare Part Manuals Z10000 Steel Wheelchair Range Parts Catalogue(Rev A) (1.1Mb)

Parts Catalogue and Listing which covers steel wheelchair range. Z11000 Budget Steel Wheelchair Range Part Catalogue (147kb)
Parts Catalogue and Listing which covers CS1142 wheelchairs.

Travel Chair and Lightweight Aluminium Wheelchair

User Manuals (Z16999 Rev E) TC001/2 & LAWC001/2 Chair User Manual (Small Print) (0.8Mb) (Z16999 Rev E) TC001/2 & LAWC001/2 Chair User Manual (Large Print) (1.4Mb) (Z16999 Rev B) TC001 / LAWC001/2 Manual del Usario (español) (600kb) TC004 User Manual (0.8mb) (Small Print)

TC001 Statement of Use

Spare Part Manuals Z16000 (Rev B) TC001 / LAWC001 Spare Part Catalogue (450kb)Z16001 travel Chair Spare Part Manual (TC001) (121kb)Z16002 LAWC001 Spare Part Manual (157kb)Z16003 LAWC002 Spare Part Manual (129kb) Z16004 TC002 Spare Part Manual (120kb)

Enigma Aluminium Wheelchair Range

User Manuals (Z15998 Rev C) XS Wheelchair User Manual (Deluxe and Mid Range) UPTO 2006 (957kb)

(Z17999) XS Standard Wheelchair User Manual (Small Print) (556kb) (Z17999) XS Standard Wheelchair User Manual (Large Print) (725kb)

(Z18999) XS Super Deluxe Wheelchair User Manual (from 2007) (665kb)

(Z15996) Enigma Spirit Wheelchair User Manual (282kb) (Z14999) Enigma K-Chair User Manual (390kb)NEW

Spare Part Manuals Z15000 Spare Part Catalogue and Part Listing (924kb) Parts Catalogue and Listing which covers XS Super Deluxe, Deluxe and Mid Range wheelchairs. Parts breakdowns for individual wheelchairs are available on request.

Z15000 (Rev A) Spare Part Catalogue - XS Super Deluxe from 2007 (724kb) Parts Catalogue and Listing which covers the revised 2007 models for the Super Deluxe only. Z17000 (Rev A) XSAWCSP18 / XSAWCTS18 Spare Part Catalogue (704kb)

Z19995 Spare Part Catalogue - Spirit Wheelchair (243kb)NEW

Drive Wheelchair Range

User ManualsSilver Sport Wheelchair User Manual  (214kb) NEWSteel travel Chair User Manual (345kb) NEWSpare Part ManualsSilver Sport Wheelchair Parts Manualtravel Chairs Parts Manual (covers ATC-19, tr-39 and EXP19)

Enigma Energi Powered Wheelchair Range

User ManualsZ20949 (Rev D) Enigma Energi User Manual (Pre June 2004) (3.2Mb)Z20949 (Rev F) Enigma Energi User Manual (Post June 2004) (269kb)Z20946 - Kerb Climber User Manual (302kb)Z20948 - Dual Control (Dynamics) Appendix (1076kb)Z20947 - Attendant Control (Dynamics) Appendix (879kb)Z20944 - Dual Control (PG Drives) Appendix (207kb)Z20943 - Attendant Control (PG Drives) Appendix (317kb)

Z20942 - Enigma Energi+ User Manual(282kb)

User Manuals (Other Languages) Z20949 (Rev F) Enigma Energi Manual De Usuario(español) (336kb)NEUVO

Spare Part ManualsZ20000 Spare Part Catalogue and Part Listing (1.2Mb) Parts Catalogue and Listing which covers PC and PCA powered wheelchairs. Parts breakdowns for individual powerchairs are available on request.

Mambo Fixed Base Powered Wheelchair Range

User ManualsZ20945 (Rev B) - Mambo Range User Manual (936kb)Z20945 (Rev A) - Mambo Manual del Usario (espanol) (900kb)

Z20943 - Micro Mambo User Manual (1.9Mb)

Spare Part ManualsPCMM001 - Mambo Mini (Z21096) (95kb) PCMM002 - Mambo Standard (Z20941)(138kb)PCMM003 - Mambo 361 (Z21098) (116kb) PCMM004 - Micro Mambo (Z21099) (95kb)PCMM005 - Mambo 363 (205kb) NEW 

Mercury Scooter Range

User Manuals / Owners Handbooks (English)Mercury User Manual (Z40998-00 Rev B)(3.5Mb)M48 GT User Manual (231kb)Mercury Regatta User Manual (Z40960 Rev A) (800kb) SC006 Scooter Canopy User Manual (Z40995) (769kb) SC007 Scooter Canopy User Manual (Z40985) (769kb) Scooter Canopy User Manual for Regatta(800kb)

User Manuals / Owners Handbooks (Other Languages)Mercury Manuel de Propriétaires (français) (Z40998-00) (2Mb)M48 GT Manuel de Propriétaires (français) (Z40962-00) (256kb)Mercury Inhaberhandbuch (deutsch) (Z40998-00) (2Mb)M48 GT Inhaberhandbuch (deutsch) (Z40962-00) (234kb) Regatta Manual de Usuario (español) (Z40960-00)(356kb)

Spares Manuals Mercury Regatta Spares Manual (Z40957) (338kb) Mercury Regatta 6 Spares Manual (Z40943) (300kb)NEW For other Mercury spare parts , please contact Drive Medical UK Customer Care department orclick here to send an email.

Prism and Neo Ranges

User Manuals / Owners Handbooks (English)Prism User Manual (Z40949) (3.3Mb) Neo User Manual (Z40948 Rev A) (860kb) Manual Neo del usuario (español) (Z40949 Rev A) (1.6Mb)Nuevo Manual Prism del usuario (español) (Z40948) (3.3Mb)Nuevo

Spare Part Manuals Prism Spares Manuals (Z40947)

Neo 4 Spares Manual (Z40945) (254kb)Neo 6 Spares Manual (Z40942) (276kb)Neo 8 Spares Manual (Z40941) (304kb)

Monami and Rio Ranges

User Manuals / Owners Handbooks (English)Rio Range User Manual (Z40968 Rev D) (780kb)Monami User Manual (Z40961 Rev B)(500kb)

User Manuals / Owners Handbooks (Other Languages) Rio Range manuel de propriétaires (français) (Z40968 Rev D) (1Mb)Monami manuel de propriétaires (français) (Z40961 Rev A) (0.5Mb)Rio Range Inhaberhandbuch (deutsch) (Z40968 Rev D) (1Mb)Monami Inhaberhandbuch (deutsch) (Z40961 Rev A) (0.5Mb)Rio Range Manual De Usuario (español) (Z40968 Rev D) (1.3Mb)Monami Range Manual De Usuario (español) (Z40961 Rev B) (0.5Mb)

Spare Part ManualsRio Lite Spares Manual (Z40950) (0.6Mb)Rio Spares Manual (0.4Mb) Monami Spares Manual (Z40953) (0.6Mb)

PowerStroll and Easibrake Ranges

User Manuals User Manual for PowerStroll (PWCPP004)2.4Mb Quick Start Guide for PowerStroll (PWCPP004) 0.2Mb User Manual for PowerStroll (PWCPP005 and PWCPP006) NEWQuick Start Guide for PowerStroll (PWCPP005 and PWCPP006) NEW

Spare Part Manuals PowerStroll Parts List (PWCPP004) 89kbNEWPowerStroll Parts List (PWCPP005 and PWCPP006) NEW

Wheeled Walker and Walking Aid Range

User Manuals Z25999 (Rev H) - Wheeled Walker User Manual Small Print Version (1.2Mb)Large Print Version (2Mb)

Z25990 - Karristick User Manual Small Print Version (268kb)Large Print Version (693kb)

Walking Stick User Instructions (29kb)Walking Frame User Instructions (662kb)WS006 Cane Seat User Instructions(37kb) WS012 Cane Seat User Instructions(25kb)Z25988 - R6/R8 Rollator User Manual (Small Print)(350kb) NEWZ740 and Z745 - Diamond Rollator User Manual (78kb) NEW

Spare PartManuals Z25991 - Spare Parts Manual (TW001)(162kb) Z25992 - Spare Parts Manual (TW002) (162kb)Z25993 - Spare Parts Manual (TW003) (163kb) Z25994 - Spare Parts Manual (TW004) (207kb)Z25996 - Spare Parts Manual (WA001) (205kb) Z25997 - Spare Parts Manual (WA002) (208kb)Z25988 - Spare Parts Manual (WA005)(176kb)Z26998 - Spare Parts Manual (WA006) (188kb)Z25995 - Spare Parts Manual (WA007) (155kb)Z25989 - Spare Parts Manual (WA012) (230kb)  Z25987 - Spare Parts Manual (R8/R6) (140kb) NEW Z24700 - Spare Parts Manual (740) (157kb)ZTW - Spare Parts Manual (TW008 and TW010) (72kb) NEW  

Restwell Massage and Swivel Relaxer Chairs

User Manuals   NEWMC001 Installation Instructions (681kb) Z50998 (Rev A) - Comfy Diamond Massage Chair Owners Handbook (281kb)Z50093 - MC003 Massage Chair Owners Handbook (420kb)Z50089 -MC004 (Minstral) Chair Owners Handbook (264kb) Z50090 - MC005 (Manhattan) Chair Owners Handbook (199kb) Z50091 -MC006 (Venice) Chair Owners Handbook (212kb) ARC1001 - ARC1002 Installation Instructions (Rimini, Torino and Verona) (255kb)ARC1005 Installation Instructions (Milan) (251kb)ART1001 Installation Instructions (Sorento) (621kb)ART1002 Installation Instructions (Tuscany) (486kb)

Spare Part Manual   NEWMassage Chair Parts Catalogue (286kb)Swivel Relaxer Chair Parts Catalogue (from Oct 2008) (134kb) NEW

Restwell Rise Recline Armchairs

User Manuals Z50994 (Rev J) )- Rise Recline Armchair User Manual for Restwell Rise Recline Armchairs (except Seattle) (0.7Mb)NEW Z50992 - Rise Recline Armchair User Manual for Seattle (478kb)

Spare Part Manuals Parts Catalogue (with pictures) for Restwell Rise Recline Armchairs (144kb)NEW

Parts Replacement Guides Armchair Replacement Guide (from Jaeger to T-Motion)(155kb) NEW T-Motion Example Wiring Configuration (for 2-button systems) NEW

Bathroom Products and Daily Living Aids

User Manuals Z31002 (Rev C)- Lagoon Excelsior Bathlift User Manual (135kb)Z10998 (Rev A) Telescopic Ramps User Manual (214kb)Roll-up Ramps User Instructions (458kb)Smartramp (R008) User Instructions (176kb) NEWFS001 Footstool User Instructions (254kb)BB001 Bed Backrest User Instructions (256kb)PS001 Perching Stool User Instructions (209kb)LA001 Lift Assist User Instructions (103kb)TF001 Toilet Frame User Instructions (59kb)Z34100 - Swedish trolley User Instructions (485kb)Economy (Stacking) Commode User Instructions (139kb)Overbed table User Instructions (72kb)Comfy Sleep System Parts List (118kb)Lap Belt Instructions (422kb)Bath Tap User Instructions (BF006) (113kb)12002KD Handtag (498kb) NEW CWC001 and CWC002 user instructions (337kb) NEW 12455 Perching Stool Hang Tag (233kb) NEW

Discontinued Products

User Manuals / Owners HandbooksZ40999 (Rev B): travelease Miniscooter User Manual (for MS001 and MS002) (925kb)Apollo User Manual (Z40977-00 Rev A)(2.2Mb)Monte Carlo User Manual (Z40969-00) (2.6Mb)Pioneer User Manual (Z40984) (2Mb)User Manual for PowerStroll (671kb)Z15926 - User and Installation Manual for Easibrake (715kb)

Spare Parts Manuals MS001 (Steel travelease) Parts Manual (748kb)MS002 (Alu. travelease) Parts Manual (680kb)MS007 (travelease Silver) Parts Manual (886kb)MS010 (Pioneer) Parts Manual (975kb)Apollo Parts Manual (764kb)Monte Carlo Parts Manual (Z40967) (1Mb)M36 Parts Manual (Curtis Version) (439kb)M46 Parts Manual (Curtis Version) (441kb)M48 Parts Manual (Curtis Version) (916kb)Z50997 - Comfy Diamond Rise Recline Armchair Parts Manual (201kb)M48 Splittable Chassis Supplement (Z40976-00) (353kb)Z26800 - Spare Parts Manual (WA010) (214kb)Active Rollator (WA010) User Manual (2.5Mb)PowerStroll Parts List (model up to 2006) 100kb


Below is examples and an explanation for the Drive Medical UK coding structure. Please note the coding structure is not applicable to the Mercury or travelease range of scooters:

Spares (1 Character)

Product type (2 character)

Part code (3 character)

Revision status (1 character)

Drive code (2 char)

Colour / Finish (2 char optional)

Additional (optional)














Z10650-01SI= Silver footrest assembly for an aluminium XS wheelchair Z10450-01 = Quick release pin assembly for an Enigma steel wheelchair rear wheel

Spares (1 character) A spare part code always starts with a 'Z' to denote it as a spare part

Product type (2 characters) This determined by which product range the spare part originated from (e.g. '10'= from steel wheelchair range, '15'= from aluminium XS wheelchair range, '20'= from Energi powerchair range, etc). This code can be obtained from the parts manual diagrams.

Part code (2 characters) Denotes the part reference. This code can be obtained from the parts manual diagrams.

Revision status (1 character) To denote that a product has been updated or amended. '-' = means no change / amendment 'A' = means one change / amendment 'B' = means two changes / amendments.

Drive Medical code (2 character) A Drive Medical internal code which will be advised by Drive. The default value for this is '01' unless otherwise stated.

Colour / Finish / Material (2 character, optional) 'BK'= Black 'BL' = Blue 'RD' = Red 'SI' = Silver 'GR' = Green 'CR' = Chrome 'PU' = Purple 'CH' = Champange 'WH' = White 'GO' = Gold 'BR' = Brown 'MA' = Magnesium effect (wheels only) 'SS' = Stainless steel (fasteners only)

Additional Optional characters for other aspects (e.g. SOLID for solid tyres, NY for nylon upholstery)

MARKETING IMAGES Marketing Images suitable for printing or internet use are included in the Dealer CD-ROM together with the information on this website. Please contact Drive Medical UK Ltd for a copy of this CD-ROM.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE This resources have been compiled to assist Drive Medical Ltd authorised dealers in the promotion, sale, diagnosis, repair and replacement of Drive Medical Ltd products and parts. All information or descriptive matter contained in this website / CD-ROM are the copyright information of Drive Medical Ltd and must not be copied without the written permission of Drive Medical except for the purpose of promoting, maintaining, operating and repairing Drive Medical Ltd Products. Adobe Acrobat Reader is property of Adobe. For more information on the restrictions and use of this product please contact Adobe or The birds eye view featured is supplied by Google Earth and is their copyright.

NEW PRODUCTS This website is updated periodically. Resources for newly-launched products will be added to the website when the website is updated. In the mean-time, seperate resources may be made available by Drive Medical Ltd. For more information please contact Drive Medical Ltd.

ERRORS AND OMISSIONSPlease report any errors or omissions If the issue is spare parts related please put "Spares Update" in the email subject field.

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